Corsair One a100 Compact Gaming PC

Corsair One a100 Compact Gaming PC

The compact gaming PC embraces Ryzen CPUs after the launch of the 3000 Series. One of the major problem the Corsair One had, was the price-performance ratio was really poor. With the option 3900X and 3950X at a relatively better price, the multi-core experience will lure more people in, as people who emphasizes on portability and productivity will appreciate the design by Corsair. On the GPU department, this can be the worst time to obtain an RTX2080Ti. Since Nvidia had just announced RTX3000 series, with a $499 RTX3070 performing essentially the same as 2080Ti, the Corsair One a100 might not be worth the money, unless you have bought it 1 year ago. Beside the graphics card, everything else is a plus, including 32GB of RAM at a promising 2933mhz, storage capacity that can go up to 3TB and the most important of all, abundant USB 3.2 support, with WI-FI 6 extension available and THREE Display Port Connectors. The ports convey that the gaming pc know its position and consumers’ demands, as multi-screen with 4K or 2K resolution is an easy task on this computer. Not only the aesthetics are great for gamers, the productivity-compatible hardware can let you keep the machine for a long, long time. Starting at the price of 2999USD, it might just be as good as a high-end custom PC you can get from a store, given that the convenient aspects it has provided.


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