Legends of Runeterra: The Spirit Blossom event started!

There comes a season when the spirits cross over into our world once again. A celebration of life, and that which lies beyond: the Spirit Blossom Festival.

Step into the spirit realm. The Spirit Blossom event already started on 23/07/2020 and will be end on August 20, 01:00 A.M.


Spirits linger when they pass – now you can inherit the power of those who came before.

  • Choose one of 6 pre-constructed Spirit Blossom decks

  • Players start the game at 30 Health

  • When a unit dies, its stats are conferred to a random unit in hand


Fulfill these limited-time event quests to earn petals, progress along the event path, and unlock exclusive Spirit Blossom rewards!

Along with those Epic Quests, there is a new series of quests which appear in the event tab. These quests unlock in a sequence and earn you more petals to progress along the path. Additionally, your first win of the day will earn you 4 petals, and each win after that grants an additional petal.

Two Epic Quests are available at the start of the event in Patch 1.6, and two more will be added in Patch 1.7.


Pick up the Spirit Blossom Event Pass in the store (975 Coins) to access an upgraded event path with premium rewards and immediately unlock the new Kitt Guardian. Play games to earn petals and unlock more rewards!

Riots has plan for more e-sport event such as Valorant and Legend of Runeterra (LoR) since League of Legend become the world famous MOBA e-sport game. This kind of event can further enhance the visibility of LoR and attract more player to join the game and make LoR become more famous and hopefully it can be compare with hearthstone in E-Sport field.

Information sources : https://playruneterra.com/zh-tw/news/event-overview-spirit-blossom/

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