iPad Pro Review

The 2020 refresh of iPad Pro is revolutionary, at least to the standard of Apple. The tablet finally enabled keyboard pad extension, together with more connectivity and port compatibility. This has made the business use much more viable, but the question is, will this be enough?

From the aspect of a tablet, the upgrade does not seem significant. The Processor was barely an improvement compared to its last generation. However, the A12Z Bionic Chip, with 64-bit architecture, enabled many more applications that are compatible. In terms of mobile device markets, Apple’s processor is also the best option for raw performance, leading by far. But here comes the bad part, the Apple iPad still does not have a headphone jack. This means more adapter will be needed if you want to get yourself some private music listening time. However, Apple kind of compensated this with an awesome surround sound system, by installing 4 speakers on every single edge of the new iPad. Although the high-quality cameras were not necessary, it is still a nice touch for a mobile device. This can be an advantage under the pandemic, as video calling and recording will be much better for the Apple users.

From the aspect of a business, two-in-one laptop/ultrabook, though, the iPad falls short as Microsoft Office experience was not great, and many programs that you cannot find on iOS is still not available. Although the processor made applications such as Premiere Pro previews much better, the iOS will never as free as Windows where you can download any programs you want. The 120Hz display together with the exclusive Apple pencil, has made it good for artists and handwriting lovers, with minimal delays the experience is as smooth as skimmed milk. However, attaching the Apple pencil using magnet on the edge of the screen solely can make you lose the expensive accessory easily. Synchronization with other Apple product is an advantage, but only for Apple Users… It almost feels like a person isolated in a party. The storage size is not optimal, as there is no extension slot for SD card or SSD. 1TB will be your limit, and it’s much more pricy.

Although it is easier to cast your iPad screen onto a regular monitor now, the scaling might not be the most optimum. It enables two extra type-C on the keyboard, but only when you wanted to use your iPad as a laptop, that you will get the extra juice. Do not be confused by the lightweight tablet itself, iPad weighs more than 1.3kg if you want to attach their “premium” keyboard and poor track pad. That is basically a regular laptop weight. Even though the 4:3 display is good for displaying your home screen, apps that do not support this scale will leave you two wide black strips on top and bottom of the video. At a price of over 800 USD, excluding the extra necessary gadgets, cables and accessories, you might want to think twice what you have sacrificed for simplicity and fluency.

Details of Specs: https://www.apple.com/hk/en/ipad-pro/specs/

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