Legion Phone Duel, Perhaps a Better Gaming Phone Than ROG

One of the most surprising phone model that will actually threaten the position of ROG Phone being the best gaming phone. With a similar specs in terms of RAM, CPU and GPU as the ROG Phone 3, Legion Deul has made a lot of changes to make its phone suit the demographic and intended customers. The unboxing experience was shocking, as there were speakers installed on the box to produce explosive sound when opening it. Quite unique yet unnecessary, as that speaker sounded awful.

First, every feature this phone has is designated for the purpose of holding the phone sideways and play games. Instead of making smooth rounded edges, the phone uses hexagonal edges so it will feel more like a controller when holding. Legion Duel’s Double Battery design, a total of 5000mAh extends its ability to play intense games for more than 5 hours, and allows continuous video watching up to 16 hours. Since it has adopted such design, the phone can even be charged both from the bottom and the side simultaneously, so that the fast charging beats every contender in its way. The phone’s front camera is also put to the side, and it acts as a streaming webcam instead of a picture capturing webcam. With the internal application installed, you can cut out the background as you want and put yourself onto the screen together with the game you play. Opacity and filters are all adjustable, so that the phone will basically set up everything you need if you want to film gaming videos or live-streaming. Therefore, instead of chasing the design of ROG Phone, the phone has made tremendous customization for gamers.

Second, the thermal is also resolved on the Legion Duel. Recently, ROG Phone has been criticized for its case design, as it blocks some of the heat from escaping through holes. The Legion Phone case on the other hand, used very little plastic so that it will not cover up the cooling solutions. With the triangular pattern and LED design at the back, the phone does not exceed 45 degree Celsius most of the time. The back camera is placed quite centered and were put inside the case of the phone, so that you will not feel anything bumping into your hands when playing games. The heat is usually accumulated to the center so your hands will not be as sweaty.

One of the revolutionary design were the side buttons on the top left and top right when holding Legion Duel sideways. The buttons do not contradict with volume and lock buttons as they are placed either at bottom or at a distant spot. The buttons look like heat/light sensors as well, as you don’t have to press but simply applying a bit of force to make it work.

Last but not least, how is the actual gaming performance on Legion? For the games that limit the fps, Legion can basically run every game at high settings, with the best FPS possible. After enabling the “overclock” mode, a lot of games can even run up to hundred FPS, which has made the almost 2K, 144Hz, 6.65 inch display particularly useful. No matter it is PUBGM or the Frame Killer Honkai Impact 3rd, the gaming phone holds up really well.

At a price of approximately 6000-7500 HKD (depending on the specs), the game is quite extraordinary, and I am quite confident to say there are few contenders. Just like the ROG Phone, Legion Duel supports 4K video recording. The question is, will the consumers value these settings and features?

One thing I doubt is the storage capacity. It is quite puzzling why the phone enabled Dual SIM but no Micro-SD card support. In my opinion, this does not feel like it is particularly useful for gamers.

Specs: https://legion.lenovo.com/legion-phone-duel

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