Logitech G733 Wireless

A lightweight, high-end option for RGB lovers. The lighting it provided is quite low-key, yet comfortable to look at given that it has soft transitions. Gamers might find it expensive, but the lighting is fully customizable, together with long battery life, given that it has RGB which will consume more electricity. A 20 hour of battery life is more than needed for a day of gaming, and it will be even longer if you disable the RGB. In terms of wireless range, the device allows up to 20 meter of range, so if you feel like doing a push-up suddenly, a headphone like this will not stop you, as it is much less annoying than a wired headset which might trip you any time. Beside the RGB, the headset’s own coloring can be selected too, which is great for people who are pursuing either stylishness or cuteness. The only aspect that might not be as convincing should be the price. At the price of 129 USD, many people would not like to spend this much for voice calls, surround game sound and streaming quality. Especially when they had already spent much for a gaming PC, what is the reason for an over-budget headset/mouse/monitor? Well, here is one thing about tech, sometimes the price does reflect the quality proportionally, so if you have the need for aesthetics and live-streaming quality, perhaps go for this Logitech G733 Wireless.

Link: https://www.logitechg.com/en-au/products/gaming-audio/g733-rgb-wireless-headset.981-000867.html

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