Rocket League is going FREE TO PLAY in this summer!

In 21 July 2020, Psyonix team had announced that Rocket League is going free to play at this summer. Rocket League is a vehicular soccer video game developed and published by Psyonix and it has been popular among Europe and America area in these years.

According to official website, the core gameplay of Rocket league will remain the same but they will refining the menus to make exploring the game easier. They also revamping and improving major features like Tournaments and Challenges, and introducing cross-platform progression. The core gameplay, vehicular action and game mechanics will be remain the same.

The new free Rocket League will release on a new platform: the Epic Game Store on PC.The new free version of the game will be identical to the version found on other platforms, and will feature cross-platform play anywhere you play Rocket League, including between the Epic Games Store and Steam.

For those who already own Rocket League, you can still able to play and enjoy the game with full support for future update and features. You will also be rewarded with Legacy status such as All Rocket League-branded DLC released before free to play, Huntress Player Banner, 200+ Common items upgraded to "Legacy" quality etc.

For new players, you may need to use Epic Game Store to download and enjoy Rocket League because the Steam version will no longer available to download after release the new free version.

I must say this is an exciting news. Rocket league is a wonderful game that require skill and cooperation. However, it is not very popular among Asia area. Rocket league going to free to play will let more player have a chance to get in touch with Rocket League. Although cheater may be a big issue, it is still a great chance to get Rocket League get popular in Asia area. I believed it will give more choice on e-sport game type in Asia area.

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