Review: Astro Gaming's New Wireless Gaming Headset – A20

Astro Gaming's New Wireless Gaming Headset – A20

A 20 is one of Astro Gaming Wireless Gaming Headset design for Xbox Series X and PS5. A20 includes an increased wireless range of up to 50 feet or 14 meters. It is a remarkable distance. The battery can be last for up to 15 hours.

The A20 is also designed with lasting comfort and sits perfectly on your head to avoid the irritation of uncomfortable headsets. It also comes with a choice of two different colors. Gamers will be able to pick out either the blue or the green version of this headset.

A20 also comes with a flip-to-mute type of mic along with a Game: voice balance which is available for both the Xbox and PC only. It also uses the classic Astro Audio V2 so it sound quality is with a certain degree of assurance.

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