Review: Western Digital WD_BLACK P10 External HDD

Desktop users often do not have the concerns of inadequate storage capacity, as they can buy a hard drive or an SSD, and install them into the computer at any time. All they need to do is a few clicks away. However, what if I am a laptop user, which I was not provided any expansion slot internally? For the gamers who might prefer portability more, the WD Black P10 External Hard Drive can be an alternative.

Hard Drive has been criticized for durability and loading speed ever since Solid State Drive proved its efficiency. However, unlike the internal 3.5” models of HDD, the P10 game drive has the standard of enterprise level of quality, and the size is shrunk to 2.5”. With the option of 2TB, 4TB and 5TB, these capacities should be enough for any gamers who are travelling a lot, or doing benchmarks a lot. Although the connection is using USB 3.2 with 7200RPM, the Reading speed of the game drive can still reach up to 250MB/s, which is essentially the speed of a regular SSD. You can even connect your mouse and keyboard as it provides two 7.5 W USB slot.

Some people may ask, at this level of performance, wouldn’t cooling be a problem? Indeed, regular SSD can be easily throttled by heat coming from the desktop or produced by itself, however since there are active cooling systems installed on the P10 Game Drive, the thermal issues should be resolved easily and will not affect its overall performance. At a price of under $1000 HKD (~$129USD), this is a really viable option for travelers. But once again, be aware of external vibration/collision as that is usually what kills a hard drive. As long as your device has a USB slot, the game drive can be easily used, across different platforms.


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