TechReview Nvidia Founder’s Edition RTX3080

#TechReview Nvidia Founder’s Edition RTX3080

Nvidia finally does not disappoint us with the little improvement for every generation since GTX700 series. Since the graphics card market has become much more intense due to AMD’s comeback, Nvidia has used their new architecture, Ampere together with Samsung’s 8nm architecture to widen up the difference. People may ask why 8nm when TSMC can provide 7nm architecture, however this can be because the new GPU will not be able to have such price if they used the more advanced 7nm. RTX3080, being the more advanced model, is selling at the price of a RTX2080. This might not sound impressive at first, yet with the tensor core efficiency increased, CUDA and Shaders Core increased , memory bus bandwidth enhanced, and the newest GDDR6X VRAM, RTX3080 is approximately 30% better than a RTX2080Ti for most of the games, meanwhile about 40% increase compared to RTX2080. In terms of productivity such as V-Ray, the lead can go up to almost 50% compared to RTX2080. RTX2080Ti Users must be crying in their beds by now.

One of the advantage of the new founder’s edition is cooling method. Since the VRAM and the core without any reduction is becoming hotter than ever, the fan placement had gone through careful thoughts. Although the heat will be blown towards your precious CPU and RAM, the benchmark results showed that it was not destroying the integrity of your computer. Given that the power consumption is 60W more than the RTX2080Ti, it is impressive to see Nvidia retaining the temperature at the same level as an RTX2080Ti.

4K, 2K games are basically running at ease with DLSS 2.0 with the new model. However, if you are looking for 8K gaming, the VRAM on RTX3080 (10GB) will not be enough. But once again, RTX3090 was the card advertised for fluent 8K gaming instead of RTX3080. The Founder’s Edition is also not ready for intense overclocking, as the power limit constrained it from doing that. However, this might be able to be resolved if there will be other manufacturers coming in.


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