XPG PRECOG ANALOG gaming headset

XPG has launched a new gaming headset this week in the form of the XPG PRECOG ANALOG, which builds on previous headsets in the range such as the XPG PRECOG unveiled last year. Equipped with hybrid electrostatic-dynamic drivers and ergonomic ear cups covered in a skin-friendly fabric, the Hi-Res Audio-certified XPG PRECOG ANALOG gaming headset has been designed for “epic sound quality and long-session comfort” says XPG. Features include :

– The World’s First Hybrid Electrostatic / Dynamic Dual Driver Gaming Headset

– Hi-Res Audio Certified

– Ergonomic Ear Cushions

– Rotatable Ear Cup

– Auto-Adjust Headband

– Detachable High-Sensitivity Microphone

Source: https://www.geeky-gadgets.com/gaming-headset-10-09-2020/

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