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Championship Ashe is ready to unite the Freljord with her trusty bow.

She sits on her throne in her championship garb - knowing that as leader of her tribe she is ready to unite the Freljord as one great nation. With Avarosa's bow in hand and the largest Freljord tribe behind her back, she is prepared to overcome any challenge.


Championship Ashe Figure Series 3 Features:

  • Ashe in her Championship Ashe Skin
  • The Throne of The Frost Archer based on her in-game recall animation
  • Avarosa's bow in all its glory

Approximate Measurements:

  • Height: 6.0 in / 15.2 cm
  • Width: 3.9 in / 9.2 cm

LOL - Championship Ashe 永恆榮耀 艾希 Figure XL

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