Approximately 30 cm tall

Over 32 points of articulation


· An authentic likeness of character from the film.

· One pair of relaxed posture hands

· One pair of weapon holding hands

· One pair of fist posture hands


Special features on Clothing:

· One pair of dark green sleeved blazer with golden stitched pattern

· One pair of long underpants

· One pair of netted chainmail.


Special features in armor:

· One Éomer’s helmet

. One full body armor including shoulder pieces

. One pair of forearm band

. One pair of fish-scaled armor skirt

. One pair of calf piece


Special features in weapons:

· One Gúthwinë

. One sheath including belt

. One spear of Rohan

The Lord of Rings 魔戒 - Éomer 伊歐墨


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